Free Business Admin Level 1 course in April with Finance & Management Business School

Written by Finance & Management Business School

Please see details of our Free Business Admin Level 1 course that is running in April.

****** Please note that due to lack of funding, this will be our final course for the foreseeable future , so if you have any clients that may be interested then please take this last opportunity to enrol ******

Eligibility criteria is 19+ and claiming benefits.  Our courses run from the Jurys Inn Hotel 10am – 4pm.

This course is designed to build confidence, help develop personal performance and teach skills that are transferable into many different roles.  Topics covered are:

  • Principles of personal performance and development
  • Principles of working in a business environment
  • Working with others in a business environment
  • Health and Safety in a business environment
  • Principles of business communication
  • Principles of business administration
  • Producing business documents
  • Communication in a business environment
  • ·Employee rights and responsibilities

If you know of any one that is interested in this course and would like to discuss this further then please feel free to contact me on 07903 951665 or email