Job vacancy: GP Neighbourhood Support Officer (Zest)


Post Title                    GP Neighbourhood Support Officer

Location                     Zest Centre

Rate of Pay                 £19,500

Hours                          22.6 hours per week

Holidays                      25 pa plus 8 statutory days pro rata

Terms                          12 month contract (secondment considered)

Responsible to           Business Development Manager

Purpose of Job

To provide administrative and business support for the City Centre GP neighbourhood as well as monitoring and coordination of the joint neighbourhood transformation fund project ‘Connecting InTo You (C.I.T.Y).   


To support the administration GP neighbourhood:

Supporting the GP Neighbourhood and  servicing the GP neighbourhood meetings including:  Practice meetings, Steering groups, MDT’s. Tasks include:

To support the C.I.T.Y Team with development, monitoring and evaluation including:

  • Agenda’s/email management/Room Booking/Minute taking
  • Any other administrative duties.
  • To build and manage relationships with a diverse range of people and stakeholders, e.g. supporting the clinical director for the neighbourhood as well as other partners
    To support the project team IT officer and GP practices to:
    1.  ensure smooth running of project in relation to collecting of data and project monitoring
    2. Gather information to inform the evaluation of the programme
    3. Maintaining appropriate management information systems so that contract and project performance can be effectively monitored.
  • Researching available funding opportunities for future funding of the programme.
  • Support with the preparation of funding bids, tenders and proposals to continue the programme.
  • Carrying out background research for funding bids and tenders as required.
  • Carrying out consultation activities to inform future service development with patients, local residents and stakeholders.

To support the delivery of the transformation fund project including:

  • Operation of management information systems, so that project and programme performance can be effectively monitored and risk managed.
  • Liaison with commissioners and sub-contracted providers.
  • Programme and project coordination including supporting sub-contractors with contract delivery, including organising partnership meetings, undertaking periodic monitoring visits and regular communication.
  • To prepare and present information and reports as required and update and monitor the project plan to ensure the programme is running smoothly and to timescale.
  • Communicating, liaising and effectively working with relevant organisations and agencies including public, private and voluntary sector.
  • Undertake any duties as agreed with Line Manager or CC NBH Project Lead
  • To undertake training and other development activity in line with organisational and personal development needs.

To carry out all duties and responsibilities as described in line with ZEST policies and procedures, with particular attention to those relating to Equal Opportunities, Health and Safety and regarding volunteers who will work with children and vulnerable adults. This will include DBS checks to be carried out where necessary.

Background to the Connecting InTo You (C.I.T.Y) project

6 GP Practices across the city centre neighbourhood of Sheffield have come together with voluntary sector partners (Zest and Shipshape) to a pilot a project. The project involves a mental health key working, working alongside a health trainer and practice staff to jointly support the wellbeing of an agreed cohort of patients. The team will also work alongside a senior mental health clinician funded through the neighbourhood.  The patients referred into the service will often have complex mental health needs as well as physical health conditions. 

We hope this project will embed new ways of working with patients with complex needs and which will:

  • Focus on prevention and client enabling to self-manage conditions
  • Improve health outcomes for complex patients
  • Reduce demand for primary care, or support appropriate use
  • Reduce or prevent A&E visits and hospital admission for ambulatory care sensitive conditions
  • Reduce the impact on social care
  • Create a sustainable business model for primary and community care
  • Involve Effective MDT working more closely with community services and mental health and social care, looking also at discharge and readmission rates
  • Test the delivery of Active Support and Recovery for the neighbourhood wrap-around around pro-active/preventive support for families and carers – and the implementation of holistic joined up person centered care
  • Pilot ‘Primary Care Mental Health’ integration into primary and community care and influence commissioning decisions

The project will be evaluated by Sheffield University School of Health and Related Research, hope a positive evaluation will enable us to secure future funding for this model of working. The neighbourhood support officer will support both the C.I.T.Y project and the neighbourhood more generally.


Post Title:        GP Neighbourhood Support Officer


Skills, Knowledge and Experience

  • Excellent written communication skills including a strong command of English grammar, good writing skills and attention to detail
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to communicate and present information clearly to a variety of audiences
  • Good organisational skills and the ability to work to deadlines
  • Good IT skills, including MS Word, Excel, Internet, Outlook and PowerPoint
  • Experience of cross sector partnership working and relationship building
  • Ability to consult, listen to and understand the needs of different stakeholders
  • Self-motivated and able to work on own initiative
  • Ability to develop creative ideas and to take initiative
  • Flexibility to take on a wide variety of tasks to ensure a project is completed
  • Experience of partnership project coordination and monitoring


  • Willingness to work evenings and weekends on occasion
  • Able to travel within the city and beyond as required


  • To support the aims of Zest
  • A keen interest in improving health care services and systems
  • To deliver an excellent service to the local community
  • Commitment to equality of opportunity


Skills, Knowledge and Experience

  • Database management skills
  • Understanding of commissioning and contracting
    Knowledge and understanding of government and local policy issues in particular in relation to health services

Application form

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