Better Learners Better Workers ambassadors construct 4m tall tetrehadron in construction employability task

Ambassadors from Park Academy and Chaucer school participating in the Better Learners Better Workers programme successfully completed their second school workshop this week.

Haydn Tomlinson from Keepmoat Homes and John Clephan from Sheffield Housing Company ran the sessions which tasked the students with building a 4m tall tetrehadron, also known as a triangular pyramid, out of 60cm pieces of dowel and elastic bands, all done under timed conditions.

The first task was to follow printed instructions to build a single tetrahedron out of six lengths of wood. This were then joined together to create a larger pyramid. The two groups eventually constructed 64 individual tetrehedra which were fastened together to create to final structure.

The purpose of the session was to emulate a real world construction project where the teams would plan a method of construction, designate job roles, support each other and complete certain stages of the build against tight deadlines. They needed to use their communication and teamwork skills, implement lessons learned from their previous workshops and present back what worked well and what could have been improved.

Stephen Arundel, Sector Lead for Construction and the Built Environment, said “In the short time that these Ambassadors have been working together, they’ve developed phenomenally as a team. This task is challenging at the best of times but under time pressured conditions in relatively small group sizes, they worked impressively, showing a work ethos that most employers would be proud of.

These skills and qualities that the Ambassadors have displayed here, will go on to support them in the future when applying for jobs once they have left school.”

The next session for the students will be a visit to the Eclipse Housing Site on Harborough Avenue where they will have some practical construction challenges on a live site with construction professionals.

About the Better Learners Better Workers programme

‘Better Learners Better Workers’ is an employer-led programme that provides young people with the knowledge, skills and attitudes they will need to be successful in the world of work.

At the heart of Better Learners Better Workers (BLBW) are student Ambassadors aged 13-16 who enjoy a range of high quality employer encounters, experiences and challenges, both in school and in the workplace, to develop their job-ready skills and behaviours.

The programme is focused on specific employment sectors to allow young people to develop more in-depth knowledge and understanding of the world of work based on their particular interests and enthusiasms.

Young people can join the programme in Year 9 (two-year programme) or Year 10 (one-year programme); however, there is a clear distinction and progression between the two year groups:

  • Year 9 – introductory year with opportunities to explore a specific sector and develop fundamental knowledge and understanding of skills for work
  • Year 10 – confidence and leadership development through further employer encounters helping young people to become sector Ambassadors and raise awareness with their peers.