New course dates for Women In Construction, Arts & Technology Ltd from Nov to Feb

Written by Cathy Cain, Women In Construction, Arts & Technology Ltd

Here are the dates for the rest of this year’s classes and the beginning of next year’s programme.  

You will see a couple of changes or additions: 

We had to cancel the Advanced Plastering earlier this month due to the tutor being ill – this has been rescheduled for the end of November, so some of you who couldn’t make the previous dates may be able to make this one.  Alternatively there is also a second Advanced Plastering in February.

We are hoping to add a full list of arts classes to our programme for next year – we are kicking it off with a Beading class on 11th January where you will get a chance to make several items of jewellery.  I will post more info about this onto the website as soon as I have the details.

Another new class in the pipeline is a two day class working with Lime.  We are just finalising the details of this so will keep you posted.  The class will be over two days with all students attending the first day together, then half will attend day two and the other half day three so that we can work with smaller groups. 

Provisional dates for your diary are: Day One 22nd Feb; Day Two (group A) 23rd Feb; Day Two (Group B) 21st March.

The costs of this this class are considerably higher, meaning the fees will be more for this class – I will confirm the actual fee as soon as I can. 

We have a weekend Painting & Decorating class in February – this will combine theory and practice, looking at the tools and materials for painting on walls and woodwork etc; preparation of surfaces; and application of paints.

You will notice, as I said in my previous email, we have had to increase fees charged from 1st January.  I hope this does not cause problems for anybody.

• Sat. 30th Nov, Joinery & Fixing to Walls – Live Project, 10-4pm, £35
• Sat/Sun 30th Nov / 1st Dec, Advanced Plastering – 10-4pm, £70
• Sun. 1st Dec, Pointing, 10-4pm, £35
• Sat. 11th Jan, Beading, 10-4pm, £40
• Sun. 26th Jan, Fixing to Walls, 10-4pm, £40
• Sun. 26th Jan, Plastering – basic, 10-4pm, £40
• Sat/Sun 8th & 9th Feb, Plastering – advanced, 10-4pm, £80
• Sat/Sun 8th & 9th Feb, Painting & Decorating, 10-4pm, £80
• Sun. 23rd February, Joinery, 10-4pm, £45

All classes currently have places available – please book on soon to guarantee your place!

To book on, go to :