Teacake Club: 2019 in review

We’d like to say a big thanks to everyone who has contributed the Teacake Club this year, whether by attending and contributing to meetings or sharing content for publication on the website and newsletter.

We’d like to express particular gratitude to our four meeting hosts, each of whom did us proud – PeoplePlus Academy in March, The Growth Company in June, Construction Skills People in October and Red Tape Central in December.

If your organisation would like to host a meeting on a Friday morning in March, June, September or December, can accommodate 40-50 people and is willing to cater, please get in touch!

It has been pleasing to see the continued growth of Sheffield Employability Network throughout the year, as more people have joined the mailing list, viewing our website and attended meetings.

Here are a few quick stats for you:

  • 35 different speakers at the 2019 Teacake Club meetings, plus ‘quickfire’ contributors
  • 60 organisations represented at the 2019 Teacake Club meetings
  • 190 mailing list subscribers in January, rising to 236 in December
  • 354 articles published on the teacakeclub.org so far in 2019
  • Peak month for website traffic:  July, with 304 visitors and 1,209 page views
  • Most popular time for website views:  Monday 10am
  • Teacakeclub.org viewed from eight different countries, including Japan and Indonesia!

The Teacake Club remains a valuable asset to the local employability community as a way of sharing information, making connections and seeking referrals.

We look forward to your continued support in 2020 and beyond. Enjoy the festive period – we’ll see you again in January.

Best wishes,

Opportunity Sheffield