Wise Ability to run Health & Social Care and Hospitality in Catering Courses

WISE Ability is seeking referrals for upcoming Health and Social Care and Hospitality in Catering courses

Health and Social Care course

The provider’s Health and Social Care course, to be delivered in the Sheffield office, starts on Tuesday 10 March for two weeks.

This is a Level 2 course, and it will consist of the following:

•             Safeguarding

•             Human Growth

•             Equality and Diversity

Hospitality in Catering Course

Wise Ability will also be running a Hospitality in Catering course starting on Monday 30 March.

This is a Level 2 course, and it will consist of the following:

•             Safe, hygienic and secure working environments in hospitality

•             Effective teamwork

•             Giving customers a positive impression

•             Food safety in catering

•             Principles of customer service in hospitality, leisure, travel and tourism

•             Service of food at table

•             Principles off preparing and serving hot drinks using specialist equipment

•             Principles of preparing and clearing area for table service

•             Principles of promoting additional services or products to customers

•             Dealing with payments

In addition to this, we will also supply learners with training on Stress Awareness, Mental Health Awareness, Employability and Occupational Studies – these are all regulated courses and are free to those that are on benefits or economically inactive.

Referring a client

If you have any people that wish to be booked on the courses please ring the following:

Steve Tasker 07425276186