Guide Dogs for the Blind Association seeks volunteers

The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association covering North, West and South Yorkshire is currently looking for volunteers around the area.

The charity wants to appeal to a wider range of people to give everyone the opportunity to volunteer.

Danielle Wilkin – Volunteering Coordinator, North, West and South Yorkshire, The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association, says…

“It is a great service to enhance socialisation, to do different activities and enhance a wide range of skills. We have a wide range of volunteer roles that may be beneficial for people.

The majority roles only require minimum commitment which is three hours fortnightly but we do have other roles for people with higher time commitment.

If there is any way you can help us advertise these roles whether this is through advertising on your website, putting up posters in your centre or sharing them with your clients then that would be amazing. Just pop me an email if you have any enquires.

Anyone interested in volutneering should contact Danielle using the following contact details:

Email: Tel: 0345 1430210