PET-Xi is keeping spirits up with remote CPD solutions

We are in unprecedented times requiring us all to self-isolate and keep our spirits up while we are at home on our own! This is a fabulous opportunity for you to support your staff and use the time for some excellent CPD masterclasses using our fantastic interactive learning system which requires no specialist equipment, just a phone or laptop!

From our start 25 years ago PET-Xi has always been 100% dedicated to changing lives and empowering through education with products and services designed from the ground up to complement your hard work – and this is just as true today. We are working hard to support you in this new situation and its eventualities by providing options you can integrate into your crisis planning.

Introducing ‘PET-Xi Live’

PET-Xi Live is a remote “live training session” interactive learning experience which allows your staff to participate in a number of masterclasses delivered in PET-Xi’s engaging high-impact style, to help you support ongoing delivery in the event of staff absence or office closure.


This is not passive video watching – learners participate and interact, and the session adapts based on live learner questions and feedback

Easy to access

Your staff can use their phones, tablets, computers and laptops from anywhere to engage with our interactive sessions.

Further information

Please download the attached PET-Xi Live Information Sheet

Contact details

Email Kerri: or call 07387 412 949 to discuss how PET-Xi Live can help you deliver on your contingency plans.