GeekTalent launches GoCareer App for those looking to reskill in a challenging climate

Published by the Institute of Employability Professionals

GeekTalent, a North East provider of skills, talent and recruitment software solutions, has announced the launch of its GoCareer app, a career management tool designed to support those looking to reskill and secure a new job role in the uncertain employment market.

Free to all users for the first 3 months, the app’s launch date was brought forward in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, which has already had a huge impact on unemployment figures throughout the UK, with many businesses forced to close their doors amid the crisis.

Allowing users to identify their core skills and build a unique CV, the app matches skills to job roles, and enables students and job seekers to apply for suitable positions.

Dominic Murphy Founder of GeekTalent, said: “We are thrilled to launch our GoCareer App. We brought the launch forward because we feel it’s a really useful tool for those who may have lost their job or be looking for a new role as a result of the Corona pandemic. We really hope that the new app will help both job seekers and students to find work in these uncertain times.

“One of the main goals of the app is to help job seekers to identify their transferable skills and explore the opportunities that match those skills. The app has been designed to be as accessible as possible to everyone who needs it. The registration process is quick and easy, and the app is free for three months.”

With a whole host of features including access to detailed career pathways, local job and course listings, as well as the option to share your CV with potential employers and colleges, the GoCareer app is set to become a welcomed job-hunting tool for thousands of people looking for work throughout the UK.

The app also offers a great range of features for students exploring future roles and careers, including a student only version of the app, that ability to submit digital college course applications, and a unique skills matching to careers feature.

Jordan Dargue, a talent specialist and advisor to GeekTalent, added: “During this challenging and uncertain time, GoCareer is here to support students who are looking at potential careers and options, as well as job seekers who are looking to re-skill and seek alternative employment.

“By completing the GoCareer app profile, you’ll be able to create a rich CV, giving you the best opportunity of securing a job or placement interview, and bagging your dream job role or taking the first step on your chosen career path!”

GoCareer has also joined forces with NCFE to support the roll out of this app. NCFE are a strategic partner and are key to launching this app to not only to job seekers and students but also to colleges.  

Sian Wilson, Executive Director from NCFE said “Enabling people to access careers advice, support and employment opportunities is needed more than ever in these challenging times. Geek Talent in partnership with NCFE offering this innovative resource for free across the next 3 months means that Colleges, Schools, Training Providers and Local Enterprise Partnerships can trial this resource for their students and job seekers at a critical time for the UK skills and employment sector.”

With unprecedented and unpredictable times ahead, and many across the country risking unemployment, GoCareer provides easy-to-access, expertise and support, at the touch of a button.

The GoCareer App is available to download today. For further information about the app, please visit the GoCareer website at

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