IEP urges completion of C-19 Youth Employment Group Survey

Written by the Institute of Employability Professionals

The Youth Employment Group is made up of lots of different organisations who have come together to ensure that young people’s futures are protected and supported as much as possible from the impact of COVID-19.

They want to hear from young people aged 16-24 to understand how they make decisions about what jobs or training to do, their wellbeing, what support they have received on this during lockdown and how technology can help them get the right information and advice.

IEP is proud to be a member as we know this issue is really important. They have developed a short survey for which we would like as many responses as possible from the young people you support. The survey is here and the deadline for completion is 31st May.

We’re keen to ensure that this captures as wide a range of young people as possible so please complete this survey on behalf of a young person where you know that they have barriers to them doing so themselves, either lack of technology or their personal circumstances.