Update from Aspiring Communities Together

Written by Usha Blackham, Aspiring Communities Together

“I just wanted to touch base to say ACT still hasopportunities to get involved for learners/clients – we are quite busy and active online. We can also report there is a lot of courses virtual sessions of Zumba, Zoom health and wellbeing and ESOL classes in place.   

“ACT ESOL courses are fully booked but we can still signpost anyone wanting to do a class online. Please feel free to share my email address with them or sent us their details so we can get in touch from home. I am also aware of a new course coming online soon called Health for Life (this will cover managing stress, assertiveness, self-esteem healthy eating and keep fit) ! I believe it begins on Tuesday 9th June – more information to follow.

According to some people I know from the community, and those I communicate with, there are a lot of worried and stressed people. Some people don’t leave home at all their spouses do the shopping and some rely on food parcels because they cant leave home due to health condition. Daily walking isn’t happening a lot by some of our learners and I don’t think social media helps a lot! So we are keeping a close eye on them there is a lot of different cases out there financial and personal issue.

“There is a lot of good work taking place too in our area and all over Sheffield by the volunteers in this crisis – we have food banks on the go so are really grateful to them . They are taking all social distancing precautions. If anyone needs any info please feel free to email me. 

“If you have any information we can share (e.g. coursess, yoga sessions) then please let us know – we would like to advertise as much as we can in the community. You can forward information to us to share through our social media groups,  Facebook, WhatsApp etc.

Hope everyone is well and keeping safe

Kind regards

Usha Blackham

Burngreave & Firvale Area Coordinator/ Learning Champion

Aspiring Communities Together

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