Invitation to Teacake Club Online (Fri 26 Jun – 10am)

As lockdown conditions ease and we begin the process of returning to something akin to normality, we thought it would be valuable to check in with everyone for an update on your status, activities, and plans.

With this in mind, we’re organising an online meeting of the Teacake Club using the Zoom web conferencing app, which many of you will have become familiar with during the lockdown.

If you haven’t used Zoom, all you need is a laptop or smartphone with a camera and microphone. Click on the hyperlink in your invitation at 10am on Friday 26th June and we’ll grant you access to the virtual meeting room through your web browser or app.

How to register

If you’d like to attend, please respond to – please include the email address(es) you would like us to send the invitation link to.

We’ll be building an agenda for the meeting over the coming days. Please let us know if you would like a 5-minute slot to update us on your organisation’s activities.

The agenda will be sent out next week with the Zoom link included.

Please keep safe and well,

The Opportunity Sheffield team