Teacake Club member lists – 2020 updates to directory

Written by the Teacake Club at Opportunity Sheffield

We were pleased to add two new organisation profiles to the Teacake Club (Sheffield Employability Network) member directory this week, with the National Careers Service and Woodhouse & District Community Forum the latest to join.

If you are on the Teacake Club mailing list or you are interested in joining, and your organisation is not represented on the Members A-M or Members N-Z page, let us know. We can create a short bio for you based upon information published on your website, or you can send us some draft text to upload (email opportunity@sheffield.gov.uk).

Remember, the Teacake Club is free to join and you can leave / unsubscribe at any point. The network is provider-neutral – we are happy to disseminate any relevant and fresh content relating to employment support in Sheffield, and provide a platform for information-sharing, knowledge -building and networking within the community.

What we need to create a profile:

  • A brief bio / explanation (maximum 50 words) of your organisation’s interest / involvement in employability / employment support in Sheffield. These are written in the third-person.
  • Your current logo
  • Up-to-date email and telephone contacts, preferably of a centralised (non-personal) address / number
  • A website address (if applicable)

If you prefer for the Teacake Club editor to create a website profile on your behalf, let us know.

Updating existing profiles

If you have an existing profile on the membership directory, please take the opportunity to check that the details of you organisation / service remain contemporary. You can request updates by emailing opportunity@sheffield.gov.uk