DWP: Job Finding Support (JFS) – Awareness for External Partners

Written by the Department for Work & Pensions

What is JFS?

Job Finding Support (JFS) is part of the ‘Plan for Jobs’ announced in July 2020 and is designed to help those who have recently become unemployed (up to 13 weeks), who may not need extensive support but would benefit from personalised support and advice to help them re-enter employment quickly and to improve the likelihood of securing sustainable paid employment.

Job Finding Support will help claimants to develop their job finding and job application skills, increasing their ability to quickly secure replacement employment.

Participants will be offered a minimum of 4 hours tailored ‘121’ digital support, plus at least one online group session.  In most cases this will be completed within 10 working days and in all cases will be completed within 20 working days.

The service offered will include but not be limited to: –A mock interview –A digital online group session –Help to identify their transferable skills –Sector specific job advice (particularly the growth sectors) –Job matching to suitable vacancies and advice/links about suitable employers.

This tailored support will enable each participant to develop a Job Finding Action Plan (JFAP) and a personalised CV. The claimant will be given a copy of the completed JFAP which will also be available to work coaches on request.

The national Job Finding Support contract will go live in England, Scotland and Wales from January 2021 and will be in place for 12 months.

Who is Job Finding Support for?

To be eligible for Job Finding Support, potential participants must:

  • Have the right to reside in Great Britain; •Have the right to work in Great Britain;
  • Reside in England, Scotland or Wales;
  • Be Universal Credit All Work Related Requirements or New Style Jobseekers Allowance claimants who have been unemployed and in receipt of benefit for up to 13 weeks
  • New Style ESA claimants may also volunteer to participate in this provision during the first 13 weeks of their claim, providing they otherwise meet the eligibility and suitability criteria and their work coach agrees it would be appropriate
  • Be of working age (16 to State Pension age).

Note: “working age” is defined as starting from 16 years of age. However, in England 16 to 17 year olds who are not in work are required to stay in education or training, so whilst 16-17 year olds can access JFS in Scotland and Wales, in England they cannot. All 18 year olds can apply if eligible/suitable for JFS.


If the applicant fulfils the eligibility criteria, Jobcentre Plus will identify those who are suitable for Job Finding Support. To be considered suitable, the potential participant:

  • Is not currently participating in other DWP Contracted Employment provision or similar job finding provision unless the work coach believes there are particular reasons why it would benefit the claimant
  • Would benefit from Job Finding Support
  • Has been unemployed for less than 13 weeks or left full time education within the last 26 weeks
  • Would be capable of participating in Job Finding Support including being able to work on-line via video conferencing and/or telephone connections

Who is JFS not for?

People with high support or accessibility needs. Due to the short-term, light-touch nature of the support being offered,  individuals   who, as a result of a disability or health condition, need more intensive support than   Job Finding Support offers will have access to more appropriate programmes, such   as Intensive Personalised Employment Support or the Work and Health Programme

People who have been unemployed for 13 weeks or more. Job Entry Targeted Support may be more appropriate for these claimants.  It offers a   ‘light touch’ version of the Work and Health Programme for people who have been   claiming benefits for more than 13 weeks.

People who are already engaging with other voluntary resources and support, such as those offered through National Careers Service (NCS), Careers Wales or Skills Development Scotland’s My World of Work.

Contact details

If you require further information about JFS, please contact Jennifer Marsden:

Email: Jennifer.Marsden1@dwp.gov.uk