5-day Pop Up Business School for Sheffield residents this Feb

In conjunction with a number of Sheffield based housing associations Business Sheffield has engaged the services of the Pop Up Business School to run a 5-day start up business course that any Sheffield resident can attend.

The course will run from the 8-12 Feb. I’ve included a link to the Pop up Business School below so you can see what they do. They work all across the country with different local authorities and stakeholders putting on these types of events and their big sell is that they tend to reach a customer base that wouldn’t usually engage with the council for support. There style and delivery is somewhat different to ours.

PopUp Business School – Welcome | PopUp Business School

It’s completely free, we had hoped to make it an in person event but alas it’s now going to be online and clients are free to attend as much or as little of the sessions as they like. Registration details are on the flyer but clients will need to register through a special event website and then they will be sent a link to attend.

Any questions on any of the above please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Kind Regards

Andrew Bunn, Start Up Business Advisor, Business Sheffield