Page Hall Festival 2021 – An online celebration of community and culture

This March, Sheffield will celebrate the first ever Page Hall Festival, a celebration of community and the voices of the people who live here.

The Event

Through an online showcase, the festival will invite residents of all backgrounds and generations of Page Hall to share their stories of belonging, community pride and unity. The programme will be broadcast across 26th & 27th March via the festival website so that the rest of the Sheffield region can experience a true reflection of the area as experienced by the people who live here.

Partner Projects

The festival is also a part of a wider Sheffield City Council funded initiative, which includes two other inspiring Page Hall based projects:

Page Hall Smiles which will bring together Roma and non-Roma residents to co-create a short film, images and a digital scrapbook exhibition focussed on the experiences, identity and voices of Page Hall residents.

Turning the Page is exploring the past 10,000 years of Page Hall and Grimesthorpe and the people from all over the world who have contributed to its vibrant past.


While the Covid-19 pandemic has once again put a pause on cultural events, this festival will stand as a beacon of togetherness in these difficult times by creating a virtual space to celebrate Page Hall’s diversity, heritage and culture. The festival presents an opportunity for residents and friends of Page Hall to celebrate the richness of the community.

The Page Hall Festival line-up will feature everyday faces from around the neighbourhood and surrounding areas. We invite all art forms, skills and passions to make up the variety of online events on offer.

Offering your input

We want to know what’s brought a smile to your face this past year, what skills or talents you’ve picked up or a story you simply have to share, that’s what this festival is all about! We’re welcoming all ideas, whether its poetry, cooking, football, knitting, painting, boxing, dancing, TikToking…etc

The deadline for submissions for the festival will be 1 March 2021.

Get in touch

Contact the organisers by clicking here