Upcoming Pre-Apprenticeship Traineeship vacancies (Opportunity Sheffield)

Opportunity Sheffield’s next Pre-Apprenticeship Traineeship is starting on Monday 21 June.

This is a 7 week programme, aimed at 16-24 yr olds who don’t hold qualifications above Level 3 who are not currently enrolled elsewhere.

The programme involves a 4-week virtual classroom course starting followed by a 70-hour work experience placement with employers, in hope the participants reach the standards required to progress into the apprenticeship.

If you have any candidates you think are suitable please get in touch with Pippa Proctor, Development Manager at Opportunity Sheffield, ASAP.

We are looking to do a short prevet chat over zoom/teams/phone call by midweek. 

Current vacancies

Traineeship 21/06 –  Marketing Admin ApprenticeSheffieldS37HQ
Traineeship 21/6 L2 Nursery AssistantSheffieldS173LJ
Traineeship 21/6 Apprentice Pharmacy Customer Service AssistantSheffieldS137JX
Traineeship 21/6 Customer Service L2ChapletownS352PH
Traineeship 21/6 Business AdminRotherhamS626LJ
Traineeship 21/06 – Apprentice Business AdministratorSheffieldS91DH
Traineeship 21/06 – Business AdministratorSheffieldS91BH
Traineeship 21/06 – Nursery PractitionerSheffieldS8 8QB
Traineeship 21/06 -Nursery PractitionerSheffieldS203GS
Traineeship 21/6 Property AdministratorSheffieldS105BB
Traineeship 21/06 Nursery Assistant level 3SheffieldS173LJ
Traineeship 21/06 – Warehouse TraineeRotheramS611EF

M: 07786 192987 Email: pippaproctor@lifelonglearningandskills.org