Advance SCR: Workforce development, Covid-19 recovery and growth

Confused by all the skills and employment projects launched through Government?

Wanting to know what skills funding support you or your employees are entitled to?

Needing new skills but unsure whether it can be funded?

Advance SCR is an ESF funded scheme which operates across South Yorkshire. In Sheffield, Advance SCR is a business focussed support function where employers will receive a dedicated ‘Account Manager’ to help articulate and navigate a bespoke package of funded interventions to help implement their employment, skills and growth plans. The service will act as a ‘critical friend’ to employers and hand-hold through the often confusing myriad of skills and employment programmes, funding and Grant schemes that exist.

Upon being assigned an ‘Account Manager’ a workforce skills diagnostic will take place with a plan produced of all the funded interventions that can support the employer and their workforce enhance their existing skills along with developing new ones. The ‘Account Managers’ are Sheffield City Council employees with a long history of working in various employment and skills related fields, they are impartial and will help the employer understand the wealth of schemes and funding opportunities an employer can access without any of the ‘sales’ push.

Any employed individual can also access the scheme directly if they are wanting impartial advice and guidance about the training opportunities open to them to help advance their career.

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