New Accredited Learning Programme for Over 50’s Employability Support with IEP and The Centre for Ageing Better

The Centre for Ageing Better and the Institute for Employability Professionals (IEP) have launched an accredited learning programme for employability practitioners on supporting over-50s job-seekers.

Many over 50s have fallen out of work during the COVID crisis, and job losses are expected to increase disproportionately for this group with the ending of the Government’s furlough scheme (CJRS). This group has historically had worse outcomes from employment support services compared to younger people. The course, launched today, aims to change this by helping employability professionals to understand the issues facing over-50s jobseekers and how they can be best supported to return to work through tailored support.

The programme comprises four modules: understanding over 50s and employment; skills support for over 50s; over 50s and employers; and over 50s common challenges. Covering issues from health conditions to caring responsibilities, the modules will provide employability practitioners with a strong understanding of the barriers that people over the age of 50 can face in getting into work, and the tools available to help individuals overcome them.

Elaine Smith, Programme Manager at the Centre for Ageing Better, said:
“We’re really excited to be launching this new programme with the IEP. We know that in the past, back-to-work support just hasn’t worked for over 50s – and that needs to change.

“This course will give employability practitioners the tools and confidence to support over 50s that are on their caseload as they navigate the challenges of getting back into work.

“We hope that this will make a real difference in ensuring over 50s get the right support and getting people back into work as quickly as possible in the wake of the pandemic.”

Scott Parkin FIEP, Chief Executive of Institute of Employability Professionals, said:

“This is a fantastic step forward in our Accredited Learning Programme. Tailoring our suite of learning opportunities to support practitioners who are working with over 50s is a great example of how IEP is able to upskill the sector on a practical level. This accredited learning is available, free of charge as part of our membership benefits, for all IEP Members who have successfully completed the Level 2 Sector Induction. This is the first in a series of learning modules aimed at supporting practitioners to understand both the synergies and differences between participant groups and we look forward to bringing you more learning, developed with our partners, 2SimplyLearn, very soon.

“We are excited to be helping support the many practitioners who will be working hard to get the best possible start for participants who are coming through the Restart Programme.”

This training is open to anyone who is a current employability practitioner looking to enhance their skills in the support of over 50s. If you are interested in enrolling on this suite of learning modules please contact us at