1000 Employability Practitioners awarded IEP Accredited Sector Induction Certificate

Written by IEP

IEP are delighted to announce that we have now distributed 1000 certificates and digital badges to practitioners all across the UK.

This accredited programme, developed in partnership with sector leaders Seetec Pluss and 2Simply Learn has received a fantastic response from employers who have been keen to sign up new staff members enabling them to quickly develop the skills they need to support participants. The programme has also been very well received amongst practitioners who have not previously had a formal sector induction and those who see it as an ideal refresher for improving their overall knowledge even after working in the sector for some time.
The IEP Accredited Sector Induction offers a unique opportunity for employability practitioners to undertake a series of informative modules that provide solid sector knowledge and advice on how to practice in the employability sector. On completion of the Induction learners receive a Certificate to confirm that the holder has met the standards required to operate effectively within the employability sector and a digital badge to identify them as an accredited practitioner, as recommended by the Institute of Employability Professionals. 
Learners far and wide have taken to social media to show their pride at receiving their certificates and we are amazed at the enthusiasm from all participants;
‘Well, after my 3 weeks of initial training, I have now achieved my IEP Level 2 Accredited Sector Induction. I am working as an Employment Adviser at the Growth Company and I’m proud to say I completed the certificate in 2 weeks. Onwards and upwards👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾’
Godfrey (Goff) Palmer AIEP, Lead Employment Adviser at The Growth Company
‘This came through today and I am so happy! I really enjoyed the different modules that had to be completed – Hopefully now onto Level 3.’
Amber Reeves MIEP, Go Jetter at Seetec Pluss

‘Proud to receive this yesterday from IEP – Thank you to The Wise Group for investing in me – #lovelearning’
Heather Coulthard AIEP, Employment Adviser at the Wise Group
‘A wonderful first week at Jobs 22. I am so very impressed with their induction process. I cannot find fault with anything. The senior management are passionate and are totally focused on ensuring that the participants receive a dedicated and person centered service. I am completely in awe of the approach and ethos of Jobs 22. As Will Smith put it in his movie Hancock “Good Job!!’
Michael Harvey MIEP, Employment Coach at Jobs 22
‘I recently gained my Accredited Practitioner L2 Digital Badge. I shall be using the knowledge gained to better understand and support my customers.’
Philip Higginbottom AIEP, Employment Adviser at Blackpool Council
‘Huge thanks to Jobs 22 for providing us with this great opportunity to complete the IEP Accredited Sector Induction. A fantastic program supporting all in the sector to deliver high quality support for all participants.
I can honestly say I thoroughly enjoyed the program. I feel it has reinforced and upskilled my knowledge and understanding of all modules. I am looking forward to putting my new understanding into practice with supporting my participants and reflecting upon my practices to develop further, bring on level 3.’
Anna Hart AIEP, Employment Coach at Jobs 22
Our multi-use platform LMS has been specially designed by our partners 2SimplyLearn to be accessed remotely, on mobile devices as well as on desktops, to facilitate learning on the move. Practitioners can fit the learning around your day-to-day activities, completing modules in your own time and at your own pace by simply logging in via the IEP website. Each module takes approximately 30-60 minutes to complete with the full programme offering an average of 15 hours of learning overall.
The programme consists of 22 themed interactive modules, each with their own knowledge check. This means that all learners, no matter where you work, receive the same Induction with your understanding being assessed in a consistent way, ensuring a benchmark for practice. For full details of the programme view the Level 2 IEP Accredited Sector Induction brochure here
We would like to offer all IEP Members (MIEP) and IEP Associate Members (AIEP) the opportunity to complete this Sector Induction ‘free of charge’ and receive an Accredited Certificate so you can demonstrate your credentials and promote the professionalisation of the sector.
If you would like to take up this offer email us at learning@iemployability.org quoting your Membership Number which you can find by following these steps:

How to find your IEP Membership Number

Associate, Member or Fellow

Your IEP Membership Certificate tells you your membership category, whether Associate (AIEP), Member (MIEP) or Fellow (FIEP). You can find your Membership Number on your Membership Certificate. 
Here is an easy guide to checking your Membership Number or follow the steps below:

1. Click on the down arrow at the top right where it says ‘Welcome’ and go to ‘Account + Settings
2. On the sidebar on the left click on ‘Payments and History’ and choose the ‘Membership’ tab
3. Where you see your name click on ‘View/Print My Membership Card’ scroll down and view your Membership Number

If you do not have a Membership Certificate or Membership Number but believe you are an IEP Member you may have been signed up by your employer as an Affiliate. You will need to upgrade your membership to become an Associate, Member or Fellow in order to access the Accredited Sector Induction.  You can update your membership by clicking here