Learning & Work Institute pre-apprenticeship programmes (7 Sept & 6 Oct)

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Learning and Work Institute is running a series of webinars to support the dissemination and exchange of knowledge on effective practice in pre-apprenticeships.

Pre-apprenticeship programmes are targeted at young people aged 16-24 where the main aim is progression to an apprenticeship. Such programmes prepare young people for apprenticeships by providing a combination of vocational training and hands-on experience. 

The interactive webinars aim to offer training and insight to providers about how to develop key aspects of pre-apprenticeship provision, to secure positive outcomes for young people.

Project based learning in pre-apprenticeship programmes

Tuesday 7 September | 14:00pm – 15:30pm (BST)

Project-based learning (PBL) is an interactive and hands-on approach, where young people learn by actively engaging in real world projects. During this webinar you will gain knowledge of the key principles of PBL, the key steps to designing activities and practical insight into how PBL can support learners to develop a range of skills as part of their pre-apprenticeship programmes.

Presenter: Efi Saltidou
Efi is Pedagogical Coordinator of EU funded projects focusing on digital education. Currently acting as instructional designer and course coordinator for Teacher Academy of School Education Gateway – the European Commission portal for education, and supports professional development activities for teachers at the Future Classroom Lab of European Schoolnet.

To register for the free webinar on Tuesday 7 September click here.

Blended learning on pre-apprenticeships

Wednesday 6 October | 14:00 – 15:30 (BST)

Organisations across the world have had to adapt to delivering programmes for young people online. This webinar will provide guidance and good practice examples on how to adapt to and deliver a blended learning approach on pre-apprenticeship programmes.

Presenter: Professor Diana Lauillard – Future Learn
Professor Diana Lauillard is Chair of Learning with Digital Technology, Knowledge Lab, University College London – Institute of Education.

To register for the free webinar on Wednesday 6 October click here.