Invitation to tender: Good Recruitment for Older Workers – GROW 2 design & test phase

Article from Centre for Ageing Better

We’re looking to work with suppliers to help us better understand employer and recruiter behaviours, and to design and test new approaches that result in more age-inclusive recruitment outcomes.

The deadline for tender submissions is 10am on Friday, 1 October 2021.

The overall aim of the Good Recruitment for Older Workers (GROW) project is to minimise age-bias in the recruitment process. Our research studies in Phase 1 of the project have demonstrated that there were areas of potential bias throughout the recruitment process. This covers the overall recruitment landscape, the experiences of older workers, and the language and messaging used in job ads and sites.

Following on from phase 1, Ageing Better wants to use the findings from this research to design, test and identify the best approaches to reduce age-bias in recruitment. The focus for this phase will be to build relationships with employers and recruiters to co-design and test multiple approaches, leading to practical models that can be scaled.

This phase focuses on understanding employer and recruiter behaviours and designing and testing new approaches that result in more age-inclusive recruitment outcomes.

More information

Please see the Centre for Ageing Better website where the submission form and clarification questions and answers can be found by clicking here.