Digital Skills Traineeships for 19-24s with B2W Group

B2W Group is currently looking for learners for its next cohort to complete a Digital Skills Level 2 Diploma. The course runs for a period of seven weeks and is delivered online.

Participants will learn about IT security, launching media marketing campaigns and creating effective marketing strategies.

As they come to the end of their seven-week online course, B2W Group claims to match learners to an employer to work on a live marketing project for its business over a two-week period. 

These traineeships are open only to 19-24 year olds as a government scheme to upskill this age group, however an apprenticeship scheme is also ran.  If an employer wishes to keep a work placement candidate, B2W Group is able to facilitate this through the Apprenticeship scheme.

B2W Group claims to provide all learners with a payment of £400 and a free laptop on completion of the course in addition to their qualification and employment support.

See the flyer below to find out more about the course units and the experience the course aims to provide participants with.

Take on trainees as an employer

See the flyer below to learn about the potential benefits taking on a trainee with B2W could bring your business.