GNR Training online Personal Development and Health & Wellbeing short courses

Rotherham-based training provider GNR Training has launched a series of online Personal Development and Health & Wellbeing short courses.

There is one non-accredited, the others are accredited from Entry Level 3, Level 1 and Level 2 depending on the course. Delivery at the moment is remote and the Guided Learning Hours differ from each course.

Discover GNR Training’s Personal Development and Health & Wellbeing short courses

GNR is planning a calendar of face-to-face courses which will be delivered in groups either in its Rotherham office or satellite locations across the region, subject to demand.

The courses can also be brought to employers to support the personal development and wellbeing of their employees.

Cost and eligibility

The courses are not funded – prices start from £30.00 + VAT. 

Eligibility is widespread as is the geographical reach due to offering an online option and not being funded. A vast number of the courses are accessible to young people from 14+ and the online learning platform is very easy to use and navigate around which is great.

Jo Bushby, Partnership Manager at GNR Training, said:

The team here at GNR are all really excited about these courses as they are all very relevant to support positive health and wellbeing both in and out of work, but also for young people to access to support their wellbeing maybe as part of the school curriculum or for educators to access to support young people or individuals being supported.”


Enquiries and referrals can be made through GNR Training’s new designated website GNR Personal Development | Mental Health Matters, by calling the office on 01302 499939 or emailing