In profile: Northern College adult learning pathways; residential courses in Barnsley

Written by Northern College

Northern College is the only adult residential college in the north of England. The college provides opportunities for adults to re-enter education, retrain or develop their skills and qualifications to aspire to promotion or their career choice.

For many adults confidence and motivation to attend college is low and there are many barriers preventing people from taking the first step. Northern College aims to support all adults to start their journey in a calm adult environment, with a range of courses to suit their needs and to create firm foundations for learning.

The residential element of the college enables people to come into college for either a short course (two days, one night) or a longer course depending on their chosen learning pathways. The courses are often free for people who are on means tested benefits, for example Universal Credit, ESA etc.,  or low income below £17, 374.50.  Learners will receive bed, breakfast and evening meals, and their course. Individuals will need to provide their lunches and drinks.

Learning pathways

Forest Confidence: On this short course, you will develop interpersonal skills such as team building and communication, whilst building shelters, using hand tools, and exploring the environment. Northern College Apply online – Course

Forest Skills: This short course follows Forest Confidence and builds on the skills learnt. It also introduces the theory of fire and how to light a fire safely without using accelerants. This course introduces risk assessing and builds resilience to approach things which may appear difficult at first. Northern College Apply online – Course

Sustainable Living: This short foundation course will provide you with some strategies and deepen your understanding of what sustainable living means. Not only can you reduce the impact you have on the planet, but you may save some money too. Northern College Apply online – Course

Living in the UK: This is a four-day course for people who are new to the UK and want to find out something about their new environment. You will learn some basic geography and history of the UK, as well as about British values and how the Government and Monarchy function. This informative course will provide a general but useful overview to Living in the UK. Northern College Apply online – Course

HIT (High Intensive Training) Work Skills in a Week: This 5-day course will help to prepare you for the world of work with both indoor and outdoor learning to develop a range of skills including, problem solving, working in a team, effective communication, resilience, and independence. You will also develop your English, maths, and digital skills, and be able to demonstrate skills with a portfolio which will enhance your CV. Northern College Apply online – Course

HIT Delve into Digital: This intensive 5-day course will introduce you to a wide range of skills which are so useful in today’s digital world, and which will also be valued in the workplace. You will work to increase your digital confidence. Northern College Apply online – Course

This course is an ideal lead-in to Essential Digital Skills Qualifications.

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