World Mental Health Day 2021 – Sunday 10 October

Written by Sheffield City Council

World Mental Health Day is on 10 October. The World Federation for Mental Health has announced that the theme for this year’s event is ‘Mental Health in an Unequal World’.

Our nation’s mental health is a vital issue at the best of times, but the need for meaningful support in both the community and the workplace is now more relevant than ever as we navigate the challenges of the pandemic.

What’s happening

Public Health England launched the Better Health – Every Mind Matters campaign earlier this year to support the nations mental wellbeing. The ‘Make inside better’ approach encourages people to make a free NHS ‘Mind Plan’. The plan is personal to you and provides practical steps for you to take in managing and improving your mental health and overall wellbeing.

The Every Mind Matters platform is continuously updated to support people during the Covid-19 outbreak and includes the latest information and guidance on a number of topics including:

  • tips to help if you are worried about COVID-19
  • how to cope with money worries and job uncertainty
  • what you can do if you feel lonely
  • tips to tackle working from home
  • tips to improve your mental wellbeing

Forward Together for Mental Health programme

Mental Health UK has partnered up with ITN Productions Industry News to produce a programme to raise the profile of mental health in the UK. The Forward Together for Mental Health programme will cover integral themes including:

  • clinical care
  • social connectedness 
  • physical health
  • housing
  • financial uncertainty
  • employment  
  • volunteering

The programme will be online on Sunday 10 October 2021 to coincide with World Mental Health Day. 

You can sign up to watch Forward Together on World Mental Health Day on the Mental Health UK website, which contains more information on how to get involved, both individually and in your team, on their events page.

Sign up to watch Forward Together on World Mental Health Day

Why not sign up to Forward Together for Mental Health? You may want to make a commitment about the role you can play in supporting people around you who are affected by poor mental health – whether they are a friend, family member, colleague, or a neighbour. Each pledge counts.

How to get involved in the workplace

The workplace is a great space to start talking about resilience throughout the pandemic. How about starting a discussion at the next team meeting or group activity? 

You might find these questions a good starting point:

  • did the pandemic negatively impact your working environment, and if so, what were you able to do to manage these impacts, either personally or as a community? 
  • were there opportunities for personal growth amidst the pandemic? What did you learn about yourself? Which aspects did you enjoy, and how can you incorporate them into your life going forward?
  • what type of resources do you need to help you cope with difficult experiences at work, at home and in the community? 
  • what goals can you set yourself to make sure this coming year is a more positive year than last year?
  • take time in the day to complete a Mind Plan through the Every Mind Matters Campaign.

Support for employees

There is a lot of information on the Intranet around what you can access to support your mental health. Here’s a quick reminder of what is available.

Employee Assistance Programme –  This provides a free and confidential life management and personal support service available 24 hours per day every day of the year.

Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) – This is a self-managed tool to help you take more control over your wellbeing and recovery. It supports you to have a conversation with your manager to mutually agree steps that can be taken to support your recovery.

Workplace mental health support service – This is a government funded programme that focuses on offering support to staff with their health and wellbeing concerns. It offers access to a mental health professional for up to nine months for personalised advice and guidance to help their mental health.

Support for someone having suicidal thoughts –  Information about what you can do and where to get help if you’re concerned that someone may be thinking about taking their own life.

Managing stress – Information and practical steps to take to manage work related stress including individual and team risk assessment templates.

Domestic abuse and violence – Information on what support is available in the workplace and locally within Sheffield.

Alcohol, drug and substance abuse – If you’re experiencing problems relating to a dependency the workplace will support you to access help and support to achieve a resolution to the problems.

Gambling awareness and employee support –  Information on how managers can respond and support staff if problem gambling is affecting their welfare or ability to do their job. Plus, how to book a toolbox talk for your team to raise awareness.

5 ways to wellbeing – Five practical steps we can take to improve our wellbeing and resilience.

Reasonable adjustments for disabled employees information on the types of adjustments that can be made to ensure someone with a disability is not disadvantaged in the workplace and is offered the support necessary to enable them to flourish in their role.