Make a referral to The Suit Works

The Suit Works is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation which has been registered with The Charity Commission since 2016. Its aim is to help unemployed people across the region into employment or other development opportunities by offering a personalised styling service to also build confidence and self-esteem.

We believe everyone has the potential to make a great first impression, regardless of their socioeconomic circumstances, disadvantages, or challenges in their past. We want to help create a society where people find it easier to showcase their strengths.

The first thirty seconds of a job interview are critical as employers make up their mind about candidates very quickly, so it’s important they feel confident in their appearance which helps them perform well, thus increasing their chances of success.

The Suit Works

Unemployed, often vulnerable, people are referred to the project by public bodies, charities and other organisations when they have been offered a job or apprenticeship interview, but they neither have, nor are available to afford, suitable interview clothing.

Since the service was launched, The Suit Works has helped over 600 people to make a lasting first impression. Over the past three years, on average, 55% of clients were successful at their interviews.

We provide a welcoming, friendly environment where clients come in for a styling session and are given a suitable outfit for their interview as well as some thoughtful advice, and if needed interview training skills.

The Suit Works

A client’s appointment at The Suit Works lasts for about an hour in which volunteers help them to find clothing which fits well and looks great. The service is free and clients get to keep the clothes.

How to refer

Contact The Suit Works on 0114 2012531 or 07468464776 whilst you are with the client to take their details over the phone and book an appointment.

Complete the online referral form for The Suit Works to directly contact the client and arrange a suitable appointment.

Email with any queries.