Inspire_SY Call for Involvement: Helping young people to secure a place in Sheffield’s economy

As mentioned at the recent Inpsire_SY Youth Unemployment Update session, Sheffield City Council is holding a series of themed discussions around vulnerable young people and tech and vocational education. 

The intent is to bring together specialist support organisations with education organisations to support our most vulnerable young people aged 16-24. Attached is information, dates and a link to register for these discussions. 

You are welcome to attend one or all of the sessions (if you have the time!). 

Cheryl Plant, Pathways & Progressions Manager, Lifelong Learning, Skills and Employment, Sheffield City Council

Key Stage 5+ Inclusion Action Plan

Call for Involvement

We welcome all interested organisations to get involved in the following themed discussions to
connect bespoke activity and support around some of our most vulnerable young people aged 16-24.

It is our intent to re-establish networks (where not already in place), that bring together specialists
with education, employment and training related workforce who support our vulnerable or specialist groups with their progression from education to employment.

Each meeting will:

  • Look at current baseline data for a cohort (eg cohort size, employment status, achievement levels, where available)
  • Hear from specialists and education/training providers who offer bespoke education or support initiatives
  • Share good practice
  • Identify gaps – these will form part of a Key Stage 5+ action plan that will enable us to strategically and operationally take action to address gaps in provision

If you are a specialist support organisation and want to connect with education/training organisations, please do come along.

If you are an education organisation wanting to understand what support is available for a particular cohort, please attend.

If you do not currently work with a particular cohort and want to find out more from others who do, please come along.

Everyone welcome!

Theme Date/Time

Children Looked After & Care Leavers

1-2.30pm Thursday 10 March

Young people known to Youth Justice Service/Probation Services

12-1.30pm Tuesday 15 March

Young people from ethnic minorities

1-2.30pm Thursday 17 March

Young Parents and those soon to be

11am-12.30pm Tuesday 22 March

Technical & Vocational Education

1-2.30pm Thursday 24 March

To register to attend any of the above, please complete this short online form:

All session will be held online and relevant joining details will be sent by email in advance of each session

What is Key Stage 5+ Inclusion?

Key Stage 5+ Inclusion is the new term that we are using in Sheffield to describe our collective duties to achieve statutory responsibilities around ‘Raising of the Participation Age’.

In Sheffield, we are expanding the definition of Key Stage 5+ to recognise the post 16 education and training phase of a young person from age 16-18 and up to age 25 for those young people who may be more vulnerable. We have certain cohorts of young people we monitor and support under this agenda:

• Unemployed/NEET
• Care Experienced (Children Looked After or Care Leavers)
• Young Parents or those soon to be
• Young people known to Youth Justice Service
• Young people with Special Education Needs or Disabilities
• Young people from ethnic minorities

In the interests of ensuring high quality educational experiences that progress young people into meaningful and sustainable employment, we are also keen to monitor and support the development of:

• Achievement of Level 2 by 19
• Achievement of Level 3 by 19
• Technical & Vocational Education the promotes pathways into our local economy


Any questions about this Key Stage 5+ Inclusion or the themed discussions should be emailed to