Employers uncover learning power for Learning at Work Week

Campaign for Learning and employers around the country are celebrating the 24th Learning at Work Week (16th to 22nd May) which starts today. 

This year’s theme ‘Learning Uncovered’ is focused on raising the profile of lifelong learning at work, and helping everyone to uncover and share their learning powers. 

Businesses this year will be empowering colleagues with thousands of learning opportunities on topics such as digital skills, sustainability, wellbeing and internal career paths. Campaign for Learning and national partners are offering free learning activities and opening up their resources for everyone. Rolling news will be shared on the Learning at Work Week twitter feed.

Organisations across the country have been sharing their plans for the week. 

The Co-op will be spotlighting their Personal Growth Offer, Apprenticeships, mentoring and coaching, learning and partnerships and their dedicated Learning and Development hub alongside colleague’s stories. 

Kerry Jary, Learning & Development Campaigns Manager at Co-op, said:  

“Having joined Co-op’s L&D Leadership team in March, I was keen for us to take part in Learning at Work Week this year as part of my work in further engaging our colleagues with the importance of self-development.   

“For me, this year’s theme “learning uncovered” is all about unlocking our colleague’s potential and giving them the tools, they need to develop. This is a good opportunity to continue promoting a lifelong learning culture across the business and signpost colleagues to the fantastic array of resources we have available to support them. 

“We believe this helps our colleagues find a sense of belonging at Co-op, to stay with us and see opportunities where they can progress, try new career paths, develop their skills and experience and help us achieve our mission of Co-operating for a fairer world.” 

Aligned with theme of Learning Uncovered, international drinks company Britvic will be connecting their mid-year performance conversations, with quality development planning and using Learning at Work Week as the perfect catalyst for their colleagues to discover and get a taste for the huge range of developmental opportunities, tools and resources available. 

Andy Surridge, Head of Learning & Capability at Britvic, said:  

“This year we revitalised our commitment to dynamic personal growth and career development. Our progress in transforming the range of opportunities our colleagues asked for, and their response to them, has been amazing.  

“Whatever their role, wherever they work, Learning at Work Week gives us an excellent excuse to discover, and have a taste, of the incredible support that is available. We encourage everyone to carve out a little time to spend on themself in this week, get involved and learn something new!” 

Channel4 has expanded its Learning at Work Week into a two week event: 

“Learning at Work Week is bigger and better than ever before at Channel 4. It’s not just one week, it’s two! 

“We listened to our people who asked for even more opportunities to grow and find out more about the organisation, with more than 40 workshops now available across ten days of learning. 

“It starts from the top too, thanks to our Exec team, who are all taking time to run their own sessions, focused on how important a desire to learn was in their career progression. 

“There’s also a big emphasis on our young learners and apprentices, ensuring they can get a full understanding of how Channel 4 works and insight into how they can contribute to the business’ success. Our ‘show and tell’ sessions profile each department and how what they do is so important to the channel. As well as hosting webinars that Campaign for Learning have put together. 

“Making sessions accessible is crucial, so people can join wherever they’re working via our new digital platform ‘The Learning Hive’, where everyone is encouraged to take ownership of their development with all our learning materials available in one easy-to-use system. There are a whole host of hybrid events too, which allow for face-to-face interaction. 

“That’s a lot to cram into two weeks, so we’ll be sure to run week-long editions at other points through the year as well. Let’s learn, baby learn!” 

This year, Learning at Work Week is supported by national partners The Open University, getAbstract, Coursera, CIPD, SFJ AWards, Northgate Training and Findcourses.co.uk. 

Julia Wright, National Director of Campaign for Learning, said:  

“It’s great to see the passion and commitment to lifelong learning at work from companies across the country.  

Our organisations have immense learning power. They have a wealth of knowledge, skills and experience that their people have gained from work, life and learning. 

A big element of Learning at Work Week is the opportunity for everyone to collaborate on learning and share what they know. Learning at Work Week events will uncover colleagues’ ‘hidden powers’ and amplify learning and development opportunities through internal talks and workshops, masterclasses, Q&As and social media. 

The need to focus on lifelong learning is evident. As the World Economic Forum highlights ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ technologies will have a massive impact on our jobs and work affecting millions of people.  

Employers are showing how events like Learning at Work Week give us a space to explore what this means and the lifelong learning we need to navigate these changes and thrive.” 

To find out more about Learning at Work Week, this week’s activities and how to get involved head to www.learningatworkweek.com