Referrals open for The Prince’s Trust’s September Team Programme intake with SYF&R

Written by John A. Daley, Prince’s Trust Team Leader, South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue

We are presently recruiting for our 12th Prince’s Trust Team Programme in September based at Parkway – Sheffield.

Having run successful programmes throughout the pandemic and before we are still seeing outstanding results for what we are doing with an overall progression rate of 85%

We are now opening the station to more young people and we are happy to announce that we can now recruit up to 15 young people.

What do we offer?

The Prince’s Trust Team programme based at Parkway is a 12 week self-development programme for young people between 16 – 25 years old. In the twelve weeks they undertake a residential in the Peak District, Fundraising, Community Projects, practical work experience and gain up to five nationally recognised qualifications which include;

  • Level 1 Prince’s Trust Certificate in Employability, Teamwork and Community
  • Level 2 HABC Certificate in Food Safety
  • Level 2 HABC Certificate in Health and Safety
  • John Muir Discover Award
  • Practical First Aid

We also look at budgeting and other practical skills to help young people prepare for their future.

To date our young people have moved into jobs which even they didn’t think they could achieve, from legal services, fire service, police, JCP and foundry work. We offer young people opportunities to look at what they can achieve and help them where we to get there.

Do you know a young person who could use our help getting into work? Email us today and let us give them a call.

Kindest regards

John A. Daley, Prince’s Trust Team Leader, South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue