Building Futures – June Newsletter from B2W Group

Written by Brett Hudson, Business Development Manager, B2W Group

After a busy few months, I thought it about time to send out our June Newsletter and provide some of our latest feedback from learners.  I am sure most of you are aware of Building Futures but just in case, our programme is designed to support 19–24-year-olds in gaining digital and employment qualifications. 

We are focussed on supporting young people in moving closer toward their career goals whether this be within the IT industry or something a little different.  For those looking at apprenticeships, our learners do have the opportunity to progress on from our programme and into apprenticeships with B2W Group covering roles such of Software Engineer, Cyber Security Technician or Digital Marketing. 

Our contract is really about supporting young people, we have a budget for each learner in which we can support them with new laptops or driving lessons for example, pretty much if there is a financial need, we can use this budget to help.  


I thought that the course went well, I enjoyed being able to complete it from home and thought that the team was very helpful and informative.


All the staff at B2WGROUP are very helpful and friendly. They have supported me by boosting my confidence, communication and interview skills. On the programme I have gained interview skills and applying for a job, but I have also gained access to a SIA course and secured 2 jobs. I would highly recommend B2WGroup to anyone


My experience with the program was very good. The course was well-balanced and I picked up on a lot of knowledge and skills, particularly in the coding aspects. The support I received was exceptional, as my tutors and peers were able to provide enough help and feedback to get me through any parts I struggled with.

I picked up a great amount of knowledge in the programming sector, as well as self-confidence, enough to make me want to keep creating projects. My confidence continues through to now where I am at a point that I have much more faith in my work than before I began the course. I would certainly recommend the course to anyone willing to build up skills and confidence in themselves as content creators and developers.


Time to say goodbye

As with every group of learners it is hard to say goodbye but thanks to the support of our partners and employers, we are pleased to see that our learners are moving forward with their goals and into new and exciting challenges.  

A massive well done to all the learners that are coming to the end of this cohort, we have met amazing people and enjoyed playing a small part in your journey. It has been fun getting to know you all, good luck in all you do going forward 😊

So, it starts again very soon!!!  Next week is our final chance to sign up new learners for the July cohort so if you feel we can help any of your customers why not send over their details where we will give them a call to answer any questions and tell them about all the support they can access..   Alternatively, we can also attend group sessions to talk to them about the support offered and hold a Q&A with your customers where they will have the chance to learn more.

Enjoy the sun all it is nearly garden time!!

Brett Hudson, Business Development Manager, B2W Group