Tender for Richmond Community Hub; partners seek Richmond Ward Community Co-ordinator

Tenders are invited for the opportunity to work with community partners to create a partnership organisation to serve and represent Richmond.

The aspects of the work to be addressed within the scope of this bid include:
• Formally constituting the group with bank account and initial board in place
• Working with partners to develop a Project Plan that outlines what the group wants to achieve based on local consultations that have been carried out, identified need and opportunities.
• Establish better communications with residents by:
➢ Developing a social media presence and website for the group, raise the profile and improve communications in Richmond.
➢ Supporting member organisations with their social media offer and help organisations attract new volunteers.
➢ Following on the existing progress with the ‘What’s on Guide’ leaflet for every Richmond property and provide the capacity for groups to continue this with future editions.
• Position the organisation for future success by means of bid writing, structural development, and recruitment.
• Secure funding for the sustainability of the project

The intention is to give the ward the capability to engage and address key issues that are preventing a strong healthy community through the formation of an organisation that has the capacity and capability to develop into a community partnership or trust and become a partner in delivery of services and functions.

This includes addressing the non-engagement with People Keeping Well, social isolation, mental health, digital exclusion and the representation of the Richmond Group with service providers and city-wide networks. The growing impact of the cost of living crisis will only make matters worse for these communities.

As a consequence of the formation of this organisation, it is expected that existing
Richmond organisations will develop capacity and capability and build on strength,
sustainability and scope.

Knowledge, experience and the capacity to develop bid writing, to secure funding for
the new organisation and support for existing community groups within the Richmond
Ward, is essential.

There will be an expectation that the successful tender will include the capacity to help the co-ordination of activity across the area, maximise opportunities, find gaps and plan a long-term strategy the Stakeholder Group can take forward.

There is a fee of £15,000.00 available for this work. Activity to be delivered across a period of up to 20 weeks with completion no later than 31st January 2023 with a possibility of retendering subject to funding. There is also a budget for marketing, development and community engagement activity of £3480.

Submit an outline proposal plan with timescales for delivery and provide examples of previous experience to show a proven track record. Please email submissions to Abby at abby.wilson@sheffield.gov.uk by 15th August 2022