Update from DWP on Sheffield Youth Hub referrals to MCDT, SOAR and Heeley City Farm

Written by Amy Jones, Employer Advisor, South Yorkshire District, Department for Work and Pensions

I would like the opportunity to share with you details of our Work coaches in Youth Hubs.

If you have any 18/24 who need extra support and would benefit from attending work coach interviews in the community rather than the jobcentre for up to 18 weeks, to help them overcome barriers into employment, we have work coaches situated across Sheffield.

Ideally, customers must contact their work coaches to be referred. However, If you have a customer that you think they may need extra support to be referred or if you would like to work with our Youth Work coaches to support our customers you can email them directly.  

Sheffield East Youth Hub – Eva Emmerson (eva.emmerson@dwp.gov.uk)

Manor & Castle Development Trust (MCDT)

52 Manor Park Centre, Sheffield, S2 1WE

Areas – S2, S9

Sheffield North Youth Hub – Sarah Gaffoor (sarah.gaffoor@dwp.gov.uk)

Soar Enterprise

Soar Works, Bellhouse Road, Sheffield, S5 6HJ

Areas – S3,S4,S5

Sheffield South Youth Hub – Julia Kelly (julia.kelly@dwp.gov.uk)

Heeley City Farm (HCF)

Richards Road, Sheffield, S2 3DT

Areas – S2, S7, S8, S14