Opportunity Sheffield partners with The Source & MCDT on Sector Routeways Programme

Opportunity Sheffield will partner with two community providers on the remainder of its 2022-23 Sector Routeways Programme, which offers bootcamp-style training courses with work experience in key growth sectors (construction, care, digital, engineering & manufacturing, and hospitality.

In a recent procurement exercise, Opportunity Sheffield awarded contracts to The Source and Manor & Castle Development Trust (MCDT), who will support with recruitment and delivery of the programme, which is part-funded by the European Social Fund.

Hospitality Sector Routeway delivery

Opportunity Sheffield has partnered with The Source to deliver the first Sheffield Hospitality Sector Routeway.  The routeway will take learning from this successful construction, care, digital and engineering programmes. 

The two-week bootcamp will provide an introduction to the sector with roles ranging from barista to hotel receptionist. 

Opportunity Sheffield and The Source are working with a range of businesses in the hospitality sector who are recruiting over the coming months and will be providing short work experience placements. 

The first Hospitality Sector Routeway will take place from Monday 19 September.

Participant recruitment for Sector Routeways

MCDT and The Source have been commissioned to support the wider expansion of the Sector Routeway programme. 

They will be working alongside the Opportunity Sheffield team to ensure more people who are looking to enter work are able to benefit from the programme. 

MCDT and the Source will be spending time in Sheffield’s communities promoting the benefits of each Sector Routeway and supporting participants to enter the programme.

Sector Routeways is part-funded by the European Social Fund