SAVTE seeks volunteers to help teach English to Sheffield citizens

Written by SAVTE (Sheffield Association for the Voluntary Teaching of English)

Are you interested in supporting someone to develop their English language and become a more empowered Sheffield citizen?

SAVTE’s next volunteer training courses take place during September / October / November 2022.

No previous teaching experience required – we will TRAIN you, MATCH you with a learner and SUPPORT you to TEACH English.

A six-month commitment to volunteering is required.

If you are interested in this or future volunteer training please fill in our volunteer application form on our website.


SAVTE has a community development approach that is committed to addressing barriers to education to make a positive impact on inequalities.

We help speakers of other languages take their first steps to develop the necessary skills and confidence to learn functional English, which will enable them to become more active and empowered citizens in their communities. SAVTE’s approach is to work in partnership with the more disadvantaged communities in Sheffield to create a variety of opportunities that bring people from all backgrounds to share and learn together.

Our provision is person-centered and needs-based and ultimately aims to help our learners develop language skills, knowledge, and confidence for real-life day to day contexts such as health and education.

Our approach is to ensure that all our volunteering and learning activities facilitate community connections which both help develop language further and make a valuable contribution to health and well-being, reducing social isolation and accelerating participation in society.

SAVTE welcomes, recruits, trains and supports volunteers from all backgrounds, who then use and develop their skills and knowledge to support learning in people’s homes and in community settings. Our volunteering program is underpinned by our aim to create a mutually supportive community of learning where the emphasis is on developing self-reliance, confidence and greater engagement within the community. We actively recruit volunteers from the communities in which we work, including ESOL learners, to provide additional pathways to education, volunteering or work.

We aim to work in partnership with Sheffield community organisations in a way that supports and enhances local provision, that encourages integration and fosters community cohesion.