DWP: Touchbase – Fri 21 Oct


Roundup of recent DWP announcements 

Employment boost for people receiving mental health support 

£122 million is being invested to roll out a vital NHS England service, providing those who receive mental health support with employment advice to help them stay in work or return to the job market quicker, with the right support in place. 

The service brings therapists and employment advisers together to help people with common mental health problems such as stress, anxiety and depression find work tailored to them. With strong evidence that being in work improves mental health, supporting more people into work will not only fuel a thriving labour market, but also increase individual prosperity. 

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New employer information and advice service – Support with Employee Health and Disability

A digital information and advice service for businesses is live on GOV.UK, providing tailored guidance on health and disability, to prevent avoidable job loss and help people thrive at work. Employers and disability organisations have been involved in the design and testing of the service which will continue to be developed throughout 2022/23.  

Current features include: 

  • Helping employers to feel more confident having conversations about health and disability. 
  • Encouraging early intervention and sustained support.  
  • Signposting to trusted expert support and resources.  
  • Helping employers understand their legal responsibilities.  

Please use the feedback link as your thoughts on how the content and design are shaped really will make a difference. 

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Pension Awareness Week

Pension Awareness Week runs from 31 October to 4 November and is delivered by Pension Geeks, Money Helper and the pensions industry in partnership with DWP. 

Throughout the week there will be a variety of live and interactive broadcasts delivered online by industry experts, which anyone can join for free. The aim of Pension Awareness Week is to help people make sense of their pension savings and other money matters, with sessions on how pensions work, the different types of pensions, auto-enrolment, employer contributions and more. 

If you want to take part, or use Pension Awareness Week branded assets to promote the event to your audiences, please visit www.pensionawarenessday.com

Energy Bill Relief Scheme survey

This month the Government launched the Energy Bill Relief Scheme, which will provide support with energy costs relief to eligible businesses, voluntary sector and public sector organisations in Great Britain.

The Government has also launched a three-month review that will consider which non-domestic customers remain particularly at risk to energy price rises after 31 March and the most appropriate means of providing this support.

The review will consider:

  • How effective the scheme has been in giving support to at risk non-domestic customers.
  • Which groups of non-domestic customers (by sector, size or geography) remain particularly at risk to energy price rises, taking into account the latest price position and forward curves, alongside other cost pressures.
  • How to continue supporting these customers – either by extending the existing scheme for some users or replacing with a different scheme.

Continuing support to those deemed eligible would begin at the end of the initial six-month support scheme, without a gap.

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) are currently gathering evidence and data from businesses to inform the review’s decisions, with businesses being encouraged to complete a survey questionnaire. The questionnaire will close at 11:55pm on Sunday 30 October 2022.