Paid work experience for 16-24s with Grow Gardeners

Written by Steven Cotton, Managing Director, Grow

We have a new intake of Grow Gardeners on the horizon. It’s a paid work experience programme for young people aged 16-24 who are facing barriers to work/training. The following film gives a bit of an overview: click here

The programme starts with a 4 week pre-training programme (called the Grow Programme) where we develop soft skills and do some practical activity at a community form. At the end of this, every trainee has the chance to interview for Grow Gardeners (if the farm hasn’t scared them away!!) If they’re keen they’re pretty much guaranteed a spot, we just like to create the interview environment to give them the experience and raise a bit of expectation!! Those that decide not to progress on to Grow Gardeners will receive support from our coaching team to help them find something they’re more interested in!

The induction starts on Monday 6 March. You can find more info and refer at the following link: click here

We’re probably only going to do two Grow Gardeners intakes in 2023 so please can you help us spread the word so no trainees miss out. It’s usually quite popular because they get PAID whilst training!!