South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority Weekly Policy Briefing (31 March)

This week’s key messages:

  • A briefing by think-tank Demos sets out the key facts and figures on how inheritance has been exacerbating household income inequality over the past 40 years in the UK. They show that, while inheritances in the UK in 2020 were worth over £98 billion, earners in the top decile received 750 times more than those the bottom decile.
  • The ONS’s latest March report explored how the latest wave of strike action in the UK has played out across regions, demographic, occupation, and the wider economy. In total, 2.472 million working days were lost between June and December 2022; of these, over three-quarters (79%) came from workers in transport, storage, information and communication.
  • Announced today, the UK economy performed better than previously estimated at the end of last year, with new Office for National Statistics data showing it grew by 0.1% in Quarter 4 of 2022.

Please download the file below to read the latest South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority Weekly Policy Briefing: