Sheffield employers wanted to provide work experience placements for school students

Sheffield City Council’s Work Experience Programme supports schools and young people in Year 10 and above with work experience placements with local employers.  

The team source placements and manage the whole process for up to 2,000 students every year. This includes physical and virtual based experiences of the workplace, ensuring all young people have the chance to develop key employability skills in an ever-evolving labour market.

They team are currently looking for employers who would be interested in hosting a placement this year and would love to hear from you if you are able to do so. Hosting a placement may help to raise the business profile in the community, and be a great opportunity to enhance development of your staff.

Below is an employer interest form, including which schools are seeking placements on which dates. If you can help, please select which date (or dates) you could provide a placement for, complete the bottom of the form, and return to Thomas Holden at