Cheap computers for Sheffield Charities

As a result of its engagement work with the local business community, Voluntary Action Sheffield (VAS) has 230 computers available to distribute to charities within the city.

The PCs have been donated by a national business with a Sheffield base.

Charities working to address universal credit access issues will be prioritised as the computers are distributed.

What is available?

The PCs are described as a few years old but are a similar spec to many of the computers at VAS are currently using. They are fine to use for the majority of tasks.

The computers were donated without hard drives so VAS has teamed up with Aspire Community Enterprise (Sheffield) – a charity that can make them ready to use – to ensure the PCs are fully-functional.

As such, there is a small charge the parts and time required to carry out the work – between £40 and £75 per PC. The standard cost for computers of this nature would be between £140 and £195 per PC.

To request one or more units, please complete the survey below so we can establish the need across the city.

Additional information

What if I don’t have any money?

Perhaps you are a local foodbank, community library or small group with no or limited funding. If you are going to use these to help people affected by Universal Credit, please complete the survey, saying how many PC’s you need and indicate how many you can afford. VAS is using its networks to try and identify funding but there is no guarantee the organisation will receive any. If it doesn’t, PC’s will be given to those who can afford to pay for them.

How many PC’s can I have?

10 PCs per organisation is the maximum number you can ask for. VAS wants to ensure there is a fair distribution of PCs across the city so the number of units allocated is not guaranteed.


Survey is open from 24th October to 16th November
Organisations will be notified on 22nd November

How to get a PC:

  1. Follow the Survey Monkey link and complete the survey
  2. VAS will seek funding for groups who need PCs and can’t afford them.
  3. Once computers are allocated, VAS will notify you via email
  4. VAS will pass contact details to Aspire who will contact you for payment and collection details from their office

If you cannot collect then Aspire may be able to deliver batches to a central collection point.

Apply for PCs

Click here to request your PC’s:

Contact details

Paul Harvey – Volunteer Centre Manager, Voluntary Action Sheffield

Email:    Tel:    0114 253 6648

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