Teacake Club member organisation directory launches on website

Prior to Christmas, we unveiled plans to include an organisation directory on the Teacake Club website, to provide stakeholders with a permanent presence, ease communication between employment support providers, and support networking/capacity-building.

We are pleased to announced this additional feature has now been added to the site. Each organisation entry extends to a name, logo, general contact details, a website link and a short blurb (50 words maximum).

We are inviting organisations to update their own entries (where desired) by emailing over edited content (subject to guidance below, and also to inform us if they would prefer not to be listed in the directory.

We have opened an ‘update window’ until April 30th –please can you ensure any amendments are sent over by this date.

Please note: we have attempted to capture all organisations currently active within the network, but it is possible that some have not been included.  Please get in touch if your organisation has not been included.

Action required               

Please can all Teacake Club members:

  1. Check your organisation has been included in the directory
  2. Check your logo is current and send an updated version if applicable
  3. Check the wording and facts and send edits if applicable
  4. Check the contact details and send edits if applicable
  5. Tell us if your organisation does not want to be listed in this directory

If you are submitting revised copy, please note that this should be written from a neutral standpoint (i.e. not overly salesy) and the maximum word count is 50. Please keep descriptions evergreen (i.e. general to your organisation’s activities and. not centred around short-term projects).

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch at opportunity@sheffield.gov.uk