Ageing Better seeks consultation responses to help improve recruitment outcomes for older job candidates

Ageing Better is about to begin a programme of work looking at improving recruitment outcomes for older job candidates.

As part of this, the charity is conducting a month-long consultation process to ensure it has as good an understanding of the topic as possible before designing and commissioning said programme of work.

Ageing Better is seeking participants to answer some of the consultation questions below.
Further details can be found in this document, but the questions it is looking to answer through this consultation are:

1.    What do you think are the major issues faced by older candidates in the recruitment process?
a.    What innovative ways are there to tackle the problems you have identified?
b.    Can you give any specific examples of practice (within the UK and beyond?)?

2.    What do you think are the cause and impacts of the issues you have highlighted in question 1? This can be from employers’, recruiters’ and candidates’ perspectives.

3.    What are your thoughts on the seven questions outlined in box 1?
a.    Are there any additional questions you would suggest?

4.    What do you think are the most important routes to change for improving recruitment outcomes for older people?
a.    Who might we target for influencing and/or campaigning work?
b.    Are there any sectors or occupations where you think there is more age-bias or age-discrimination?

5.    Can you suggest any other individuals or organisations that might be able to answer our consultation?

All responses should be submitted by Friday 26 April to

Contact details

If you have any questions or would like to talk in more detail about the consultation before submitting any answers please contact:

Luke Price, Evidence Manager, Ageing Better

Email: Tel: 020 7420 5245