Sheffield Universal Credit Signposting Guide

Written by Sheffield City Council

If you work in a library, housing office, GP surgery, job centre or other role and you want to know how to direct people towards the resources and support they need to claim and manage Universal Credit, this guide is for you.

What is Universal Credit?

Universal Credit (UC) is a benefit that is gradually being introduced to Sheffield by the Department for Work and Pensions. It only affects working-age people.

If you need to make a new claim for one of the following benefits: Housing Benefit, Income-related Employment and Support Allowance (ESA), Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA), Child Tax Credit, Working Tax Credit, Income Support, you may be directed to make a claim for Universal Credit.

If you are already claiming one of these benefits, a change in your circumstances may also mean you need to make a claim for Universal Credit.

At some point in the future, many people currently on the benefits above will be moved to Universal Credit. The Government hasn’t yet given us a date for this, but the Department for Work and Pensions will get in touch with anyone affected before there are any changes to their benefits or tax credits.

About the Signposting Guide

To view the guide, please click here

We have used a spreadsheet because it is easier to sort the relevant information, but we know that not everyone is familiar with spreadsheets to we have provided some instructions below.

Universal Credit is usually applied for and managed online. This guide provides information about where people can get online and where they can get support with their digital skills. There is also a tab in this guide with some ‘Dos and Don’ts’ that people going on to UC may find helpful.

You can get a simple information sheet about UC and the citywide support that is available in Sheffield here:

Sheffield Directory is a good source of information about all kinds of services and support in the city:

There is some UC support that is available across the city, including the Citizens Advice Help to Claim service (Freephone 0800 144 8 444), Job Centres and the DWP UC Helpline. Also, if someone is a Sheffield City Council or housing association tenant they can get support from their landlord.

How do I use this guide?

On the next tab (click on ‘UC Support in neighbourhoods’ below ↓↓) we have listed information about:

Type of Service, including (Online Access, Digital Skills, Universal Credit Information and Guidance, Support to apply for UC, Job Club, Credit Union)

  • Location
  • What is available
  • Neighbourhood
  • Opening times
  • Postcode
  • Contact details
  • Bus/trams information
  • GP neighbourhood (this section is for use by GP surgeries)

You can use the scroll bar at the bottom to move across the page and see more categories.

If you want to sort by a particular type of service, postcode, neighbourhood or GP neighbourhood, click on the box with a little downward arrow in it next to the title. The easiest way to find the neighbourhood or other information you want is to type it into the search box. So, for example, typing in ‘Firth Park’ would show all the services relating to that neighbourhood.

If you want to clear your selection and see all the information in the spreadsheet, click again on the box next to the title (it has a little toadstool-like symbol now) and click ‘select all’ from the list.

Who should I notify of updates?

We have worked hard to compile this information and match services to specific neighbourhoods but we cannot guarantee that all the information is up-to-date. If you know about any updates that should be made, please email


“An asterix * by a neighbourhood name means that only part of the neighbourhood will be close to the service or resource.

We’ve tried hard to match a service to relevant neighbourhoods because we know that’s how people think about their city. However, access to that service or resource isn’t usually matched to specific neighbourhoods, meaning that people from other areas may be able to access a service and/or that people may need to be in specific circumstances to be able to access some services. “

This guide has been compiled by Sheffield City Council with help from lots of organisations in the city.