Amid labour market challenges, referrals sought for care, cleaning, driving/delivery and warehousing jobs

Written by Laura Hayfield, Acting Head of Employment & Skills, Sheffield City Council

“The outbreak of CORVID-19 has had a dramatic impact on Sheffield’s labour market, creating a difficult situation for employers, employees and jobseekers alike.

Business closures, scaled-back services and social distancing practices have exacerbated the risks to the most vulnerable people in society, including the unemployed and under-employed. We have already seen redundancies and cases of staff being laid off, with people on zero-hours contracts finding themselves particularly exposed.

But even in the current climate, there are opportunities for employment within the city. The particular challenges facing society at present have created immediate and significant demand in the care, cleaning, warehousing and driving/delivery sectors, to name but a few. Employers are seeking people who can support the supply chain and provide additional resource for the healthcare and emergency services.

Those who have suddenly – and unexpectedly ā€“ found themselves out of work are well-placed to meet the demand for manpower, and the same applies to those who have been seeking an opportunity to enter or re-enter the jobs market. For the latter, a short-term role could potentially provide a springboard to sustainable employment.

At Opportunity Sheffield, we are aiming to connect employers who are hiring with the people who can meet the surge in demand. Some of these individuals may come from non-traditional backgrounds or economic inactivity and be, at present, unknown to recruiters and hiring managers.

Our team of job brokers, account managers and employment support keyworkers remains in constant dialogue with both employers and jobseekers as it looks to identify job opportunities and fill the gaps in the jobs market.

If you know of anyone who Iooking for employment in one of the areas of heightened demand – care, cleaning, warehousing and driving/delivery – or has the desire and physical capability to work in such roles, please get in touch to make a referral. We remain active and contactable by telephone and email ā€“ you can contact us on 0114 2296 183 or”

Laura Hayfield

Acting Head of Employment & Skills

Sheffield City Council