Survey on Collaboration by Employability Practitioners

Written by The Institute of Employability Practitioners

As some of you may be aware the IEP is conducting a piece of independent research into Collaboration within the Employability sector. Survey Results will be analysed and compiled into case studies and examples of best practice, which will then also be compared with collaborative practices in other industry sectors.  We hope that the end result will be a comprehensive set of best practice recommendations, which we will then share across our wider membership, Corporate Affiliate Partners and DWP.

This survey is a “call out” to all our Fellows, Members (at all levels within an organisation and our Corporate Affiliate Partners) for some guidance and example of how you approach collaboration.  We really want to drill down to see what works for you personally and what drives collaboration, either during delivery or at a strategic level.  

What is the end result of good collaboration? Does it improve performance? What would you like to see or what do you need to make collaboration easier and more effective for you in delivering services, or in pitching for new contracts, or to provide a more cost effective, joined up service for the customer?

We would be very grateful if you could take a few minutes to complete the following confidential survey.  We are really keen to also source good examples of collaboration in practice and we would like to receive your case studies from either local or national collaboration.

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Teresa Scott OBE FIEP & Associate Professor Jo Ingold FIEP

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