World Homeless Day – 10 Oct: How Depaul UK is helping to combat homelessness in Sheffield

At Depaul UK we’ve been working with young people facing homelessness for over three decades – but this year has thrown up challenges unprecedented in that 30-year history. 

We expect the economic instability caused by the Covid-19 pandemic to cause an increase in homelessness. Reports of rough sleeping rose steeply in lockdown across the country, according to StreetLink, despite schemes in place to help rough sleepers to access hotel accommodation, while data from London has also shown increased rough sleeping.

Many sectors have struggled in the wake of the pandemic and unemployment has already risen, with more job losses anticipated.

Depaul UK Assistant Director for South Yorkshire Sarah Gregory said: “We know that a job and an income is an important step towards stability and independence for people at risk of homelessness.”

How we can help in Sheffield

Depaul Sheffield offers a Targeted Employability Support service for people with experience of care or at risk of homelessness. The service offers support with the job search, CVs and applications, interview skills and more, as well as in-work support to sustain success.

Sarah added: “We believe that this service is an important way to empower people to escape homelessness permanently, and to access the opportunity for a brighter future.”

If you’re interested in referring to Depaul’s Targeted Employability Support service, you can find out more by emailing