The Growth Company offers L3 Education & Training through SSW

The Growth Company is to run a 10-week course offering L3 Education & Training between November and January.

The offering – part of its Skills Support for the Workforce programme – is designed to provide an introduction to teaching for individuals who are residents of Sheffield City Region.


Award in Education and Training
103/11/2020Mandatory8mandatory unit
210/11/2020Mandatory8mandatory unit & optional unit B
317/11/2020Independent Study8independent study
424/11/2020Mandatory8optional unit C
501/12/2020Mandatory8independent study
608/12/2020Reviews individual times given  
715/12/2020Micro-teach prep8Optional unit B and optional unit C
822/12/2020Micro-teach8micro teach (unit B)
905/01/2021Independent Study8independent study
1012/01/2021Exit Review – individual times given