SCR Enterprise Adviser Network seeks volunteers to prepare young people for the world of work

The SCR Enterprise Adviser Network relies on volunteers from across South Yorkshire to work as Enterprise Advisers. As an Enterprise Adviser you will work directly with schools and colleges to engage employers with young people.

Each local authority area has its own Enterprise Coordinator, who brings together Advisers and schools or colleges.

By becoming an Enterprise Adviser and working with our Enterprise Coordinators, you can help to promote the skills needed by the future workforce.

As an Enterprise Adviser you will:

  • Be part of a network of high calibre volunteers with experience of employment or self-employment.
  • Work with the senior leadership team of a schools or college to develop a whole school strategy for careers, enterprise and employer engagement.
  • Navigate the range of possible employer encounters to engage students.
  • Contribute to programmes that motivate young people, support independent choice, and lead to positive outcomes.

To enquire about becoming an Enterprise Adviser in Sheffield City Region, please contact us on here for more information on the role of the Enterprise Adviser

Further information

To read the full role brief, click here