Sheffield Health and Social Care: Service secures 21 first jobs (and counting!) despite lockdown

Written by Joanna Yardley

The Substance Misuse service within Sheffield Health and Social Care was an integral part of the Individual Placement and Support Employment trial that ran between April 2018 and September 2019.

We supported people who were at any stage of their treatment or recovery within our drug and alcohol services. We recruited over 200 people in to the trial and approximately 50% of those people went on to receive our intensive support, while the other 50% received their treatment as usual. During this time we successfully placed individuals in over 50 jobsz.

Recruitment in to the Trial ended in September 2019 and due to our success, we were allowed to continue to run as a Service from November 2019. Since running as a Service we have helped individuals secure 21 first jobs, including self employment, a car salesman, a chef, driving and labouring jobs and an NHS patient advisor.

Of these 21 jobs, 14 have been since April 2020, when the pandemic started, so we have had some really good results, despite spending the majority of time in a lockdown

We have just been told that our contract has been extended until March 2022 and are hopeful of being allowed to continue longer.

Joanna Yardley

Senior Employment Specialist, Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Foundation Trust, Sheffield Health and Social Care