Fenestration careers event on 25 May with Building Our Skills

Building Our Skills is pleased to be presenting to Career Advisors and Careers Leaders from the Sheffield region.

The event will take place on 25 May at 3.30pm via zoom, with further plans to set up school visits to our Sheffield based practical training centre later in the year.

Contact grahambooth@lifelonglearningandskills.org or megancornick@lifelonglearningandskills.org for more information.

About the event

Join us to find out more about this £6bn turnover industry, which is rich with opportunities for young and new people looking for a more vocational or practical career.

  1. Introduction – Who is Building Our Skills?
  2. What is Fenestration?
  3. Young People Opportunities
    1. Apprenticeships
    1. Career Paths
  4. Inspiring the Future Campaign
  5. Sheffield Building Our Skills Practical Training Academy
  6. Q & A’s

The event plans to be informal, with questions and comments welcome. For more information contact:  sayhello@buildingourskills.co.uk.

Building Our Skills – Making Fenestration A Career of Choice is an organisation set up to help create a wider awareness of the Fenestration industry, and the types of job roles and career paths it can offer young and new people (Building Our Skills – Making Fenestration a Career of Choice – Building Our Skills).
In this document, we look at giving parents, carers, and teachers an opportunity to learn more about the sector, providing resources and links to help guiding young people explore the types of careers, qualifications, and employers available.

What is Fenestration?
You may have never heard of the Fenestration industry, let alone wondered whether it could be a career of choice? However, the industry is brimming with a variety of job roles applicable for many new or young people setting off on a career.
Firstly, let us start by explaining what the Fenestration is:
“Fenestration is a selection of businesses and practices with common sites inside the construction sector. The sector designs, manufactures and fits windows, vents, doors and glass wall panels into a building or structure.”



the arrangement of windows in a building

*Oxford Dictionaries definition

Demand for Fenestration
More recently, with the explosion of commercial, glass buildings springing up all over the country’s city landscapes, and Government’s announcement to increase the number of houses being built over forthcoming years, the industry has seen huge economic growth, the Fenestration industry is seeing turnover values of £5 billion plus in more recent years.
The dynamics of the industry is so diverse and evolving at an exponential rate. If we look at the design of buildings 10 or 20 years ago, they are very different to those designed now, and with the amount of transferable industry skill available to a newcomer, young people should take advantage of the demand.
At Building Our Skills, we make it our mission to support employers in our industry and encourage them to engage with new and young people. We believe the Fenestration industry has a role for anyone no matter your ability and with over 80 different types of job roles available, Fenestration is a real contender to consider as a long-term career.

The Fenestration Industry at Its Best!

11,000 windows all needed to be fitted precisely and meticulously into The Shard. You may just think that a job in Fenestration would mean purely fitting windows, but you would be wrong. Just like any other industry, there are many roles needed to fill the requirements of constructing any glass structure, including the windows in your home.
Not only, did the construction of The Shard need qualified glaziers to bring together this magnificent structure, but each component would have been ordered and processed by customer service or administration person, manufactured by a glass processor, handled by a warehouse operative, loaded onto a vehicle by a forklift driver, delivered by a driver, and then dealt with by someone in finance.

What can the Fenestration Industry offer Young People?

The Fenestration industry has seen a huge increase in demand over the past five years – this means apprentices and newcomers are being taken on at a much higher rate than most other industries within construction and design.
Futuristic designs of all-glass structures are becoming more and more the new thing for building design, but for the next design trend the industry needs fresh ideas from new people.

As people progress, their ideas progress and gain traction within their own way, this leads to the next age of Fenestration and the potential developments in construction.
Entering a career into the Fenestration industry can take on different avenues, but we consider the industry to be an option for any youngster no matter what their ability.
For more information go to our YouTube channel and see how some of the industry’s employees first started their journeys: Building Our Skills – Fenestration – YouTube

What Qualifications Are Needed?

The Fenestration industry has its own awarding body, GQA Qualifications Limited (GQA Qualifications) who write and award Fenestration qualifications for our more practical roles such as installers, fabricators, surveyors and glass processors.
GQA Qualifications also work with many businesses who offer training for their products and accredit those courses to help raise the standard and knowledge of industry individuals – with the overall aim to continually develop and improve standards for the industry.
Glass related qualifications for new and young people, can be found here:
GQA Fenestration Qualifications – Fenestration Qualifications
For a list of job types and other qualifications needed – please link here: (Careers List/BOS)

Fenestration for the Next Generation
Apprenticeships are high on the agenda of many of the industry employers and more and more we are developing further connections through training centres and colleges to offer more practical, vocational training for youngsters. Business Academy – Building Our Skills
Building Our Skills promote an Inspiring the Future campaign, in association with Education and Employers, and the Careers Advisory Services – which encourages our many industry employers to engage with schools and colleges at all levels of activities to help promote career choices in Fenestration. The ‘Inspiring the Future’ Campaign – Building Our Skills
For more information or to ask a question please go to http://www.buildingourskills.co.uk or email sayhello@buildingourskills.co.uk

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Contact grahambooth@lifelonglearningandskills.org or megancornick@lifelonglearningandskills.org for more information.